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The Answers And Solutions You Are Looking For.

Here is a partial list of answers to common questions we receive about loan products and loan processing. At Freedman Capital Group, we’ll do our level best to provide you with all of the information you need to conquer the loan process and find the right loan—but the list below is only a start. To truly discover the solution you need, it’s best to ask one of our experts. Please call us for a free consultation at

How do I apply?
Application is a simple process that begins with a phone call. Our experienced Loan Officers will ask a few questions, review your situation, and then follow up via phone call to discuss possible solutions.
What does the loan process entail?
It depends upon the type of loan you are seeking. Mortgage loans begin with a property appraisal and other information gathering, and then the loan is closed. Traditionally, the longest part of the process is the appraisal, so it’s important get to started on that right away. Once the appraisal has been received and reviewed, closing usually takes place in one to two weeks.
What is the interest rate?
The interest rate on your loan product can vary greatly—from one to fifteen percent—depending on many different factors. While your credit scores and credit history are the primary factors in determining the rates and terms available to you, there are other factors taken into consideration. What is the ratio of loan to value being borrowed? What type of mortgage are you seeking? What product meets your payment needs best? Obviously, it’s important to discuss your rates and options with one of our Loan Officers.
Is there a charge for the loan?
Yes. Closing costs usually range from two to five percent of the loan amount and can likely be rolled into the loan payment over time to avoid this up-front cost.
How do I qualify for a loan?
Qualifications vary from loan product to loan product. Some of our products do not require current employment, while other products either do not require credit, or are understanding of poor credit history. We find the product that fits your current need and specific circumstances, so never assume you will not qualify without speaking with us first!.
How much can I borrow?

That depends on the type of product you are seeking. For a home equity loan, the amount you can borrow is USUALLY determined by subtracting the balance owed on your current mortgage from the newly appraised value. That’s why it’s so important to speak with our Loan Officers.  Some products do not require ANY equity. We can explain the options and products available for you to get as much money as possible.

How long does it take?
The process can take as little as six days from the time of your initial contact with one of our expert Loan Officers….until the actual closing date.
What is a credit score and how can I improve mine?
Your credit score is a calculated number associated with your history of paying your debts. If you regularly pay your credit reporting trade lines on time (credit cards and revolving department store debt, utility payments, car payments, etc.), you will generally have a higher score. Your credit score is improved by paying all open trade lines on a timely and consistent basis. It’s never too late to improve this number. Our Loan Officers can help you here, too.
What if my credit is bad?
If your credit is bad or marred, this will limit the investors available to serve your need. But programs called special finance or sub-prime exist for that very situation . We specialize in tough loans
What if I have no credit?
This is a similar situation to having bad credit. There are limited investors that will fund a loan for a person with no credit. But don’t worry. We’ll help you establish (or re-establish) a good credit history, and make options like refinancing available to you. Refinancing can help you reduce your interest rate, and lower your payments.
How will I receive my loan money?
For refinances, there is usually a three day “cooling off” period. After that, your debtors are paid directly and you receive a check for the remaining balance. This money can be deposited directly into your bank account if you let your FCG Loan Officer know in advance.
When do I have to begin repaying my loan?
You will have a MINIMUM of a 30-day payment holiday before beginning your loan repayment cycle! That means, if you’ve chosen a refinance program, not only will you not have any payments on any accounts that have been paid off by your new loan proceeds...your new mortgage payment will not be due for a MINIMUM of 30 days after the closing!
How much time will I have to repay my loan?
Generally speaking, as much time as you think you need. Your repayment schedule for your loan product is selected for you by your Freedman Capital Loan officer and consultant. Repayment terms range from 10 years to 50 years.
Can I ever postpone making loan payments?
NEVER PURPOSEFULLY MISS A MORTGAGE or LOAN PAYMENT. This is a bad mark on your new credit history. Even if you arrange with the investor to defer a payment, missing one of these critical payments is troublesome down the road if you seek refinancing or additional credit. Work hard to keep your new credit history free of even one missed payment.
Can I have my loan payments automatically paid from my account?
Yes. In fact, most investors prefer you handle your loan payment this way. Some have been known to offer a discount to the borrower for “automated” payments.
What loan products do you offer?
We have access to several hundred options for loan rates, terms and conditions. Freedman Capital Group is poised to create a loan program tailored to your specific needs. The more information you provide your FCG Loan Officer, the better the opportunity will be to find exactly the best product to service your loan requirements.
What does “debt-to-income” ratio mean?
Investors compare your total monthly payments (not including utilities) versus your gross monthly income. The lower the ratio of debt to income, the better. Your FCG Loan Officer has access to many different investors that may or may not take this ratio into account. The more information you give your Loan Officer, the better your Loan Officer will be able to prepare a loan package.
What does a investor look at to approve me?

An investor is interested in the purpose of the loan, and your ability to repay the loan. If a loan makes sense, the investor looks favorably towards it. Your credit score, payment history and your employment and income history are all important factors. Once they understand your need for the loan, and your ability to repay the loan, they will determine how much they are willing to lend based on your debt-to-income ratio and property value.

Your Freedman Capital Group Loan Officer will present your case history and loan request to an investor after building a strong package of information on your behalf. We’ll work hard to ensure investors and underwriters are satisfied with the amount of information provided to make closing as quick and expeditious as possible.